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3 inlet Single Lever Concealed Diverter

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3 inlet Single Lever Concealed Diverter

The diverse requirements of single lever 3-INLET concealed diverter around the world, we are involved in offering an extensive range of brass forging diverter. We are manufacturer of brass extrusion forged diverter & involved by our highly skilled professional staff to render maximum client satisfaction.


Brass Extrusion Forging Quality

Grade: CW617N


The heart of every diverter, the cartridges is responsible for controlling water supply.

Basically, we used cartridges of following company.

  1. Telmat Materials & Technologies (TMT) Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Press Well Component Pvt. Ltd.

NOTE: As per customer requirements cartridges will be used.


Upper shiny protection layer provides a mirror finish.

High plating thickness (Nickel: 10 microns & Chrome: 0.3 microns)

Provides tolerance to extreme climate & water conditions.

48 hours of salt spray test ensures our finishes are highly durable & corrosion resistant for a much longer duration.


Pressure (Bar) 0.8 1.0 3.0    
Flow Rate (LPM) Spout 11 13 30    


Mainly, we do two types of leakage testing for every single piece of our diverter (100 % testing).

1.HYDRO STATIC TESTING (@5 bar max.)

2.DYNAMIC TESTING (@3 bar max.)

These testing helps in to detect any leakage in whole brass body, any problems occur in cartridge & tip tone. Also helps in to check the proper functioning of complete assembled diverter.


1.Forged brass products are tougher than castings.

2.Forged brass has higher impact strength than castings.

3.Forging eliminates the occurrence of shrinkage, porosity, cavities which are usually encountered in castings.

4.High strength is attained by the tight grain structure of forgings.

5.The grain structure of forged components offers high wear resistance.

These advantages make forging products better than castings.

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