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Research & Development

  • At Nisarg Brass Componentswe strive to achieve the required tensile strength & other physical properties in the alloys via heat treatment rather than going for any expensive alternatives.
  • With the help of continuous R & D in 3D design & simulation we are able to propose customers with the modifications, if required, for optimum utilization of raw material or in better productivity.
  • Our R & D team is working towards manufacturing flashless forgings.
  • Development Institutes of Government of India have been using our facilities for engineering trials & research. We are assisting them in establishing MMC (Metal Matrix Composites) Parameters.

Design & Development

Latest technology clubbed with the 5 years of experience & well trained personnel assist us to get the results efficiently. With the help of technical tools & methods like 3D Modelling & Simulation we can comprehend the relevant forging process requirements.

Facilities for reverse engineering of the samples are available to provide key technical insights for the development of a new component. With 3D Scanning & White Light /X-Ray Testing verification of the outcome is easily done. The successful development of more than 1000 components in varying shapes, sizes & material specification makes us confident to look beyond the possible.

Forging Shop

Forging is a process of making parts by shaping metal under pressure to produce a finished shape. Each piece is heated, and then shaped until the final product reaches our customer’s required specifications.

Our Forge Shop is equipped with a series of Screw Presses ranging from 50-1000 tonnes & Blanking Presses ranging from 50-150 tonnes. We can easily forge Brass components up to 5 kgs.

Forging furnaces are equipped with precision automatic controls maintaining furnace temperatures within +/- 5 degrees. Induction heating systems have been introduced to reduce the heating times & energy consumption.

Machine Shop

Our machining centres allow us to offer customers one stop shopping in procurement of components. We offer finished products with high accuracies & close tolerances.

The machining facilities include a series of latest Japanese & American CNC Turning Centres & Milling centres (4th & 5th axis) and conventional machines like Lathes, SPMs, Drilling, Tapping, Broaching & Milling. The machine shop is well supported by our in-house tool room.

Quality Statistical Process Control methods & Run Charts are used extensively for In Process Quality Control. We conitually train & upgrade our team in systems like 5S, Kaizen, Product Traceability, Single Cell Flow, etc. to improve our overall performance.

Surface Treatment

We serve our customers with effectively finished/surface treated parts ready for assembly. Our products have extraordinary surface finish and are extensively used in aesthetic applications. The following capabilities allow us to take new approaches in final finished component:

  • Anodizing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Vibro/Ball Burnishing
  • Chemical Pickling
  • Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Buffing
  • Chromating

Inspection & Testing

At Nisarg Brass Components, we implement stringent product testing & inspection to ensure our products meet the customer requirements. Our inspection & testing capabilities include:

  • Profile Projector.
  • Chemical composition testing from NABL (National Accreditation for Testing & Calibration) approved lab.
  • Microstructure checking from NABL (National Accreditation for Testing & Calibration) approved lab.
  • Digital Microscope for Microstructure Testing.
  • Mechanical Properties Testing.
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) for checking Surface Topography.
  • Hardness Testing.
  • Leakage or Pressure Testing.
  • Surface Roughness Testing.
  • Testing of rubber parts.
  • Spring Strength Testing.
  • Fixtures, Receiver Gauges & other equipments/gauges for dimensional accuracies.
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